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Little Learners 1 & 2- Infants and Toddlers

During this stage children are like sponges waiting to be filled up with the water of knowledge, experiences and love. Our little learners are engaged daily with activities that help them build up a sense of security for this new world that have been introduced to. Because of their individual uniqueness we develop individualized lesson plans to help them reach their fullest potential. To learn more about our Little Learners class please schedule a tour with our schools Administrator.

Explorers - 2 Years Old

Two is far from terrible as they say but it is the year of great exploration. At this stage children are just understanding more about themselves and the world around them. All the babbling from infancy has began to turn into words, and what was once a wobble of a walk is now sturdy legs that want to take off and run to explore at every moment of stimuli. Our schedule and daily activities are set up in a way that it allows them to learn and explore in an engaging and safe way. Through both Teacher lead and center based activities the children are able to enhance their social skills, while building up the confidence they need so they can reach their fullest potential and be set up for success in our pre-school class.To learn more about how your little can explore with us please set up a tour with our School Administrator.

Discoverers & Adventurers  3-4 Years Old

Here at Heaven Sent we truly believe that it's the early years of a child's experience that count towards their overall success in life and school. Our Pre- K curriculum is designed to equip our students for success. The students follow a strict regimen that consists of centers, teacher led activities, by the time our children reach public school they have conquered more than the basic skills required for The State of Virginia Board of Education. 

Inventors - After School

Heaven Sent’s After School program offers exceptional academic support & enrichment activities for children from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our atmosphere is one of fun and excitement. Family values are especially important to us, so we have created an environment that focuses on respect for self,others, good manners, understanding boundaries, kindness, sportsmanship,and academic success.

As educators we understand that after a long day of school children want to release and have fun so we allow them to do so in a safe & fun way. However our first priority is to ensure that they take care of their academic needs by completing homework and studying.