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Our Team Members

We look for the best teachers and support staff to care for your little ones.  Our teachers are passionate about children and value the role they play in your child's life.  Our team is committed to helping your family thrive and dedicated to providing your child with the best quality childcare.  Everyone at Heaven Sent Child Care Center wants to make a difference in the lives of children. Our educated and trained staff meet the annual state licensing standards to ensure the well being and safety of your child. Get to know our teachers and stop by and say hello.


Mrs. Cynthia Williams-Bey

C.E.O & Founder
If I could change the world I would keep the family unit together and stronger and end ensure every child has access to a safe and high quality learning environment.


Mrs. Malak Ibram
Discoverers Pre-K lead
If I could change the world I will spread  love and peace between people all around the world  prevent war and fighting between  different  country with  different kind of people   tell every family to be engaged  that make people stronger and spread kindness. 



Ms. Natalie Desmore
White Oak Director 
If I could change anything in the world, it would definitely be to have educators and child care providers earning the top pay in the world. 


Ms. Kaii Chaplin
Explorers Lead Teacher 
I would change the way that people look at and treat each other. I would make them more accepting of differences." "Make travel easier and cheaper (and more environmentally friendly)


Ms. Imari Evans
 Assistant Teacher 

If we would take time to love, care, and show respect, the world could be a better place.


Ms. Tenisha Harrell
Jackson Ward Director
I would change the requirements for private owned substance abuse houses and recovery programs where the state would pay for a certain amount of people to attend a year for free. More access to these resources while they’re in prison as well.

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Ms. Beverly Jamison
Discoverers Co-Lead Teacher
If I could change the world I would give the homeless a place to stay and feed them I would also help them out with clothes shoes.


Ms. Kia Batson
White Oak Director & Pre-K Lead Teacher

If I could change the world, I would stop human trafficking and raise awareness about this growing issue. 


Ms. Fanandra Randall

Explorers Assistant Teacher

One thing I would do to change the world is to have a gated community for the homeless! In this gated community it would provide jobs, daycare, gym, and etc! so  the homeless would have the opportunity to build on their financial stability while having a home to provide for themselves and family! The community will also have activities for the children to participate as well! The families will also be educated on how to build their credit so they will never face hardship again❤️


Ms. Sylvia Randall
After School Counselor
If I could change world everyone would see people as beautiful  art and not to be judged by the color of their skin 


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