5 Easy Kid-Friendly Christmas Crafts

Can you believe we are approaching the last month of the year and wrapping up a decade? We have moved through the year so fast, and like most parents, you are preparing for every child's favorite time of year. We love the holidays for many reasons. First, we love celebrating the true meaning behind the holidays, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. We love spending time with the people we love. We love giving back and helping people in need. We love decorating, cooking, and we love sharing our favorite arts and crafts!

We are dedicating this post to our parents because your little ones will need entertaining during the winter break. We hope you will enjoy our winter break arts and crafts, and don't forget to share your creations with us on Instagram!

Delicious Melted Snowman Popcorn

Now, this craft would make a wonderful gift as long as your kids don't eat the special treat inside the jar. This craft created by The Melrose Family can be given to family, friends, teachers, or anyone special because this craft's made from a whole lot of love. You can use the yummy recipe from The Melrose Family or create your own. View the full instructions for this craft on The Melrose Family.

Cool Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Who would have thought you could create a Christmas tree from a paper plate. Well, you can. This craft from Creative Family Fun is cheap, easy, and fun! All you need to create this craft are paper plates, clear tape, green paint, glue, and multicolored pom-poms.

View the full instructions for this craft on Creative Family Fun.

Cute Toilet Roll Reindeer Ornaments

Don't throw away your toilet paper roll tubes! This craft from Happy Hooligans is fun, and you can teach your kids how to recycle. All you need to create this cute craft are toilet or paper tile roll tubes, brown wallpaper samples, brown pipe cleaners, red artificial berries or red pom-poms, googly eyes, and glue. Your kids will love seeing something they created on your Christmas tree. View the full instructions for this craft on Happy Hooligans.

Christmas tree ornaments made from cinnamon sticks- Heaven Sent Child Care Center
Photo Credit: This Grandma is Fun

Yummy Cinnamon Stick Trees

Now, this ornament from This Grandma Is Fun is adorable, and it will make your home smell delightful. You can add a little spice to your tree with this awesome craft. This craft is easy to make, and your children can give them as gifts or use them on your tree. All you need are long cinnamon sticks, scissors, glue gun and glue, spray starch, twine, and an iron.

View the full instructions for this craft on This Grandma is Fun.

Crazy Candy Cane Slime

Every kid loves slime, and this slime craft from The Best Ideas for Kids will entertain your kids for hours. You can tie in the holiday theme with red and white slime and twist it into a fun candy can pattern. All you need is Elmer's glue, baking soda, water, glitter, peppermint extract, and contact lens solution.

View the full instructions for this craft on The Best Ideas for Kids.

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